Why Resource Super? - Resource Super - Superannuation and Employee Benefits for the Australian Resources Industry
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Why Resource Super?

Our unique approach

We deliver tailored superannuation and insurance solutions for the resources sector. Our unique approach to financial wellbeing enables us to design and deliver a plan for resources industry organisations and their workforce - purpose-built not broad-purpose.


We understand and work in your sector characterised by higher than average incomes, often lengthy stays away from home and higher than average mortgages and lifestyles.

Our offering is structured to compete on a very large scale, offering corporate superannuation benefits to businesses of all sizes.


We offer:

  • Competitive & flexible fees
  • Automatic insurance benefits
  • Strong investment performance
  • On site Super Sessions & award-winning member services, tools and support


Choosing Resource Super

If you would like to join Resource Super and you are not part of a Resource Super employer plan, you will need to complete the Resource Super - General Division application form by clicking the button below. 


I want to join Resource Super


Alternatively, contact us to discuss tailoring a super solution that stands to improve your employees' financial wellbeing. 


I want TO improve my employees' financial wellbeing