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Resource Super provides specialist superannuation solutions for people working in Australia’s resources sector.

We address the gaps that arise when ordinary superannuation solutions are applied to people who work in extraordinary circumstances. Above average incomes, geographical displacement, enlarged debt capacity, perceived risky working environments and mobile lifestyles create a challenging profile for adequate superannuation provision. By customising investment and protection benefits within superannuation, we overcome the income and risk mismatch that persist in broad-purpose funds.

We offer members through their employer:

  • flexibility, competitive rates and superior benefits;
  • insurance benefits with high automatic acceptance levels including Life, TPD and salary continuance insurance; and
  • support with individual, personalised service.

If Resource Super has been chosen as the default Superannuation fund for your workplace, you will automatically become a member of our fund.  Your employer and human resources department will manage the establishment of your account with Resource Super on your behalf.

When your membership is activated, you will receive a unique member number and PIN which will give you access to our member login page where you will be able to manage your account.

Please see your employer or site representative for further information about your Resource Super membership and your benefits. You will also find fact sheets on this website that will provide you with guidance about Superannuation with Resource Super.

Contact us to find out how we can customise a solution for your business.