Managing your super - Resource Super - Superannuation and Employee Benefits for the Australian Resources Industry
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Managing your super

All the forms you need to extract the most out of your super are here. 


Want to join Resource Super?


 Choosing Resource Super

Make Resource Super (General Division) your fund of choice.


Already a member of Resource Super?


 New Member Form

Are you a member of your employer plan with Resource Super? Provide important details required to set up your account.


 Change of Details Form

Update your personal details.


 Rollover Form

Rollover and combine your super from other funds (You can also do this online!).


 Investment Choice Form

Make or change your investment choice.


 Nomination of Beneficiaries Form

Nominate who receives your superannuation benefit in the event of your death.


 Contributions Form

Start or change your regular before-tax or after-tax contributions.


 Contribution by Cheque Form

Make a contribution by cheque.


 Contributions Splitting Application Form

Split your superannuation contributions with your spouse.


 Spouse Contribution Form

Make a contribution to your spouse's Resource Super account.


 Insurance Request Form

Make a change to your existing insurance cover and/or occupation category.


 Insurance Opt-up Form

Increase your insurance cover within 90 days of joining Resource Super.


 Tax File Number Notification and Super Consent Form

Declare your TFN to Resource Super and consent to search for your lost super.




 Resource Super is a Division of the Russell Investments Master Trust.