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I'm an employer

It's challenging

The resources industry is often characterised by higher than average incomes, often lengthy stays away from home, remote locations and at times harsh environmental conditions. 

You operate in a challenging environment subject to the ebbs and flows of external market forces and constant internal pressures to increase employee engagement, productivity, efficiency and performance.


At Resource Super, we believe your superannuation guarantee contributions are much more than a tax advantage to your organisation. Superannuation forms a part of your employee benefits package and is a unique benefit that affects all employees. 

Employers are a position to improve the financial future of employees by providing easy access to superannuation and financial education that supports their long term financial wellbeing. These benefits - ultimately help with employee retention and attraction. 


Creating better benefits

As most HR managers know, the cost of turnover adds hundreds of thousands of dollars to a company's expenses. While it is difficult to fully calculate the cost of turnover (including hiring costs, training costs, and productivity loss), industry experts often quote 25% of the average employee salary as a conservative estimate.

Progressive companies will seek to create employee benefit programs as a way of providing support and protection for employees. Having the ability to tailor superannuation and insurance benefits with Resource Super will provide:

  • World-leading superannuation with strong performing investment options
  • High automatic insurance cover
  • Competitive fee structure
  • Personalised service for employers to customise solutions and establish administration
  • Face-to-face education and support – we’ll come to your site and engage with your employees


Contact us  to find out how we can customise a solution for your business.