About Resource Super - Resource Super - Superannuation and Employee Benefits for the Australian Resources Industry
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About Resource Super

Resource Super is Australia's specialist provider of superannuation and insurance solutions for people working in the resources sector. We tailor employer plans that aim to enhance the financial wellbeing of our members. We do this by delivering financial education and support to enhance the financial wellbeing our members and to help them better prepare for the future.


Our mission

To improve the lives of people working in the resource sector. We place the wellbeing of our members' at the forefront of what we do.


Our approach: Purpose-built not broad-purpose

At Resource Super, we apply our specialist knowledge of your sector and analysis of your workforce to construct an employer plan that delivers:

  • Proactive services on and off site
  • Competitive and flexible fees
  • Automatic insurance benefits
  • Strong investment performance


Our executive team

Our experienced team of professionals intimately understand Australia's superannuation system, and how it can be optimised for organisations and employees. 


We align our work with your organisational goals and objectives, to ensure we deliver an integrated solution to enhance workforce engagement and productivity. 


The Resource Super Executive

  • Executive Director: Brett Wing
  • Executive Director: John Hefferan
  • General Manager, West Coast: Todd Livesley
  • General Manager, East Coast: Nic Clark