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Low fees

Small differences in both investment performance and fees and costs can have a substantial impact on your long-term returns.


Low fees with Resouce Super means more money in your pockets.


Our standard fees

Type of fee or cost Amount
Investment fee

0.34%p.a. of your account balance

Administration fee~

0.65% p.a. of your account balance.


a gross fixed-dollar amount of $100.65 p.a

The actual amounts deducted from your account would be 0.55% p.a. and $85.55 p.a., which allows for the tax deduction the Fund receives for administration expenses.

Please note, as a member of Resource Super, reduced administration fees may apply to you through your Employer plan.

To view details of your Employer plan log in to your online account. 

Buy-sell spread


Nil for your first 5 investment switches in one financial year; 0.20% of the switched amount on any subsequent switches. 

Switching fee Nil
Exit fee

$96.88 per payment

The amount deducted from your account is $82.35 which allows for the tax deduction the Fund receives for administration expenses. 

Advice fees


Nil for general and simple personal advice relating to your interests in Resource Super.

Other fees and costs

An insurance fee is payable for your insurance cover with Resource Super.

Family Law fees are payable for information requests and for payment splits.

An advice fee for complex personal advice through Resource Super Advice Services may be payable. 

Read more about these fees in the 'Additional Explanation of Fees and costs' section of the Fees and costs Guide and in the Insurance Guide

Indirect cost ratio (ICR)~

0.44% comprised of:

Estimated Performance Related Fee 0.08%

Estimated Other Indirect Costs 0.36%

Operational Risk Reserve 0.00%#











































Your fees and costs explained


Example: MySuper option with an account balance of $50,000
Investment fees 0.34% p.a.

For every $50,000 you have in your super account, you will be charged $170 each year.


Administration fees

0.65% p.a.


$100.65 p.a.

($8.39 per month)

And, you will be charged $325 in administration fees. Plus a gross fee of $100.65 regardless of your balance. 

Please note that the actual amounts deducted from your account would be $275 p.a. and $85.55 p.a. ($7.13 per month), which are the net of tax fees. 


Indirect costs


And, indirect cost of $220 each year will be deducted from your investments. 


Total cost

$815.65^ each year

If your balance is $50,000, then for that year you will be charged fees of $815.65 for your superannuation account. 



Please refer to our PDS and Fees and Costs Guide for a full description of our Fees and Costs, including definitions.

* The Investment fee varies according to the portfolio you invest in. The quoted fee here is for the Balanced Opportunities Portfolio (MySuper fund).

~ A fee reduction may apply to these fees. The Insurance, Fees and Costs Guide and Your Employer Fact Sheet provide details of the fees that apply to you, including any fee reductions that you may be eligible for.

# This could change, please refer to the Operational Risk Reserve under ‘Additional explanation of fees and costs’ of the Insurance, Fees and Costs Guide , which is available on your online account.

^ Additional fees may apply. And, if you withdraw all or part of your balance from Resource Super you will be charged a gross exit fee of $96.88 (indexed by AWOTE at 1 July each year) for each payment. Where, AWOTE means Average Weekly Ordinary Time Earnings.